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Dried pulses

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine distinguishes itself by the use of many vegetables, nuts and pulses. Dried pulses have been used in the preparation of soups, salads, mezzes and stews for centuries. Nowadays, they are trendier than ever: they are good for you and rich in useful nutrients such as proteins and iron, among others. In Turkish cuisine, pulses are mainly used in dishes accompanied by a sauce, locally known as 'sulu yemekler' or 'pilaki'.

Pulses are perfect meat substitutes but you can also add them to meat dishes.

Suggestion: try preparing a 'piyaz', which is a mezze based on onion, parsley and sumac with cooked pulses as a staple ingredient. The preparation of this dish varies per region, and each has its own character and taste. Eastern Mediterranean cuisine always brings something surprising to the table! Enjoy your meal.

Miras Green Lentils 900g

Miras Yeşil Mercimek

Just like red ones, Miras green lentils are used for delicious soups. In Turkish cuisine, they are also added to salads with a mixture of rice, onion, parsley, pul biber, lemon juice and olive oil. Green lentils are also used to make the famous dish 'mercimekli köfte'.

Miras Red Lentils 900g

Miras Kırmızı Mercimek

Red lentils are smaller than regular ones. They are skinned and split, which makes them easier to digest.

Red lentil soup is one of the oldest and most-loved soups known to mankind. So it will come as no surprise that we have included it in our product range. Red lentils harvested in this region cook quickly and are above all a source of iron, good carbohydrates and fibre. They are rich in antioxidants and very healthy. Their high nutritional value makes dried lentils a perfect addition to your pantry.

Miras Red Beans 900g

Miras Kırmızı Kuru Fasylye

They are ideal for making a piyaz, these red beans. Also delicious in a wrap as a source of fibre and protein. Actually, they can be used in countless ways and dishes. Have fun cooking!

Miras White Beans 900g

Miras Beyz Kuru Fasulye

We recommend using these Miras white beans if you want to prepare a delicious beef or mutton stew. Leave the beans to soak in cold water overnight before use and then rinse and cook them. Enjoy your meal!

Miras Black Beans 900g

Miras Siyah Kuru Fasulye

Miras black beans: delicious in a salad. Rich in fibre and minerals.

Miras Chickpeas 900g

Mirasy Kuru Nohut

In Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, Miras chickpeas are used for stews with beef or lamb. The cooked chickpeas can also perfectly be used in a salad or rice pilaf - and let's not forget the popular hummus: delicious as a starter, with meat, but also on bread.

Miras Borlotti Beans 900g

Miras Kuru Barbunya

Miras Borlotti beans are used in delicious piyaz dishes. A piyaz is a Turkish salad or mezze made with a type of bean as a staple ingredient. Fresh onion, parsley and sumac are added to the dish. Every Turkish region prepares this piyaz differently, with different ingredients or oils. Tasty for lunch or as a main meal.

Miras Mung Beans 900g

Miras Maş Fasulye 900 g

Miras mung beans are popular in Arabic-speaking regions in the south-east of Turkey, such as Hatay. Maybe you know them as green soybeans or bean sprouts. In Chinese cuisine, these beans are used to germinate as bean sprouts. In Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, they are generally cooked just like all other pulses. Try them and use them for a delicious vegetarian pâté.

Miras mung beans are known to be rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and fibre. One special property of mung beans is that they reduce fatigue. And they are easy to digest too.

Miras Yellow Lentils 900g

Miras Kuru Sarı Mercimek

Miras yellow lentils: make your own delicious lentil soup!

Miras Corn 900g

Miras Patlamalık Mısır

Miras corn: a healthy snack - and ideal if you want to make your own popcorn from scratch.

Miras Black-eyed Peas 900g

Miras Kuru Börulce

Miras black-eyed peas are actually beans. They are typically used for a good piyaz with a firm bite.

Miras Broad Beans 900g

Miras Kuru Bakla

Miras broad beans make for a delicious piyaz or pilaki. If they are soft, they are perfect for a delicious bean hummus.

Miras Split Peas 900g

Miras Kuru Bezelye

Miras yellow split peas are used in delicious soups and stews in Eastern Mediterranean cooking. Give them a try too!

Miras Jumbo Lima Beans 900g

Miras Kuru Iri Fasulye

Miras jumbo lima beans are used to prepare the famous vegetarian dish Fasulye Pilaki. You can easily make it yourself with a chopped onion, a carrot and olive oil.

Miras White Kidney Beans

Miraz Kuru Beyaz Şeker Fasulye

Add these Miras white kidney beans to your delicious beef or mutton stew. They are first soaked in cold water overnight and then rinsed. These kidney beans cook quickly and you can immediately use them in all your dishes.

Mix the basic ingredients to taste

Discover a range of fine dishes with a mix of traditional flavours. Add the most delicious Eastern Mediterranean herbs and spices, and combine various dishes to create surprising flavour combinations.