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Welcome to the world of Miras and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine

Take a seat at an inviting long table brimming with colourful bowls filled with delicious dishes straight from nature.

Serve a healthy, tasty and surprising oriental-style feast

Bowls filled to the brim, colourful dishes and tasty foods. Versatile yet easy to prepare with sun-ripened fruit and plenty of vegetables.

Recipe of the month
90 min. 4 p.

Vegetarian Dolma of dried aubergines and paprika filled with spiced rice

Zeytinyağlı Kuru Patlıcan Biber Dolması

Get cooking with Miras!

With the right basic ingredients you can make the most surprising dishes. Mix to taste, make oriental versions of your classics and try out new flavours – vary and add a personal twist.


Bulgurlar, Bugday, Couscous ve Irmiklar

Precooked pulses




Seasoning for meat

Et Harçları
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    Miras Sun Dried Eggplants

    The eggplant is still one of the most eaten vegetables in Turkey. To what does this vegetable owe this success? The eggplant are first hollowed out and then dried on strings in the sun. This drying process provides an intense taste experience! There are 25 dried eggplants in a Miras package. This is enough to prepare a delicious dolma meal for 4 to 5 people.

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    Miras Sun Dried Peppers

    Dried peppers are also a favorite in Turkey. In the past, this vegetable was dried in the sun to have enough supplies in the winter. Today, the dried peppers are widely sold because of their intensive and special taste. They are a real addition to your dish. For example, do you want to make a tasty dolma? Then use aubergines and peppers! There are 25 pieces in a bag of dried peppers. Keep it tightly closed in a dry and dark place.

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    A tasty dürüm-döner, who doesn't know it nowadays? Dürüm literally means 'rolled up' in Turkish. In Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, these 'flat breads' are mainly used to roll up freshly grilled meat and eat it by hand as a quick, simple meal. These flat tortillas are also delicious if you fill them with legumes, a tasty salad or if you eat them as a bread substitute with your meal.

  • Miras Olive Oregano dry roasted chickpea snack

    The Miras chickpea snack with olive & oregano is seasoned with - how could it be otherwise - olive and oregano and salted with real sea salt. They are then roasted dry in the oven, which makes them wonderfully crispy and all vitamins are retained.

  • Miras Coconot dry roasted chickpea snack

    The coconut chickpea snack from Miras is moistened with a little water and then roasted in an oven with coconut and cane sugar. This makes them deliciously crunchy. Delicious and healthy as a snack or in the lunch box of yourself or your children!

  • Miras Sesame & Honey dry roasted chickpea snack

    The Miras chickpea snack with sesame & honey is a chickpea lightly drenched in honey, so that the sesame and cane sugar stick to it. This gives chickpea a crispy and sweet taste during dry roasting. Children also love this snack!

  • Miras Hot Spicy Chilli dry roasted chickpea snack

    The spicy hot chili chickpea snack from Miras is seasoned with natural hot chili aroma and lightly salted with sea salt. In the oven they are roasted dry, which gives them a delicious crunch. For those who like spicy food, this is a delicious snack with drinks!

    1920-2019 Miras, a tasty legacy

    In a small Eastern Mediterranean town, the Aslan brothers were known for their delicious sweet sesame nougat. Their childhood dream of opening their own shop came true. They started selling local olives, grains, fruits and vegetables. Neighbours and friends enjoyed their cooking. Their long table was brimming with colourful and delicious dishes, and their shop soon grew into an international business.