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Seasoning for meat

Chances are you have fond memories of dishes from your grandma's kitchen. Flavoursome dishes only she could make so perfectly you will never forget them. But how? Old family recipes are precious, but we love to share them with you. Our seasoning mixes for meat are the perfect example. For your convenience we offer a number of ready-to-use spice mixes. Check the label for information on how to prepare the meat and which fresh ingredients you can add yourself. Convenient and packed with flavour!

Miras Köfte Seasoning Mix

Miras Köfte Harcı

Köfte is probably the most famous meatball in the entire Eastern Mediterranean region. Miras has developed a spice mix that comes in a handy sachet, which makes preparing your very own köfte so much easier. All you have to do is add minced meat to the seasoning. Then it is just a matter of kneading well and forming beautiful (flat) meatballs. Grill or fry them in a pan. Delicious wrapped in a durum or on Turkish bread with a fresh Turkish salad as a side dish. Afiyet Olsun!

Miras Chicken Seasoning Mix

Miras Tavuk Harcı

This chicken seasoning is a delicious spice mix that is often used in Eastern Mediterranean dishes. A blend based on an old family recipe and used to prepare and season a variety of chicken dishes. All the ingredients you need in a ready-to-use sachet. Tasty and so convenient if you do not have much time to cook. Enjoy your meal!

Miras Breadcrumbs

Miras Çıtır Pane Harcı

This crispy breadcrumb mix with specific herbs and spices is also a carefully preserved and cherished family recipe. Discover its delicious special flavour. All you need is an egg as a binding agent. Tasty and handy for meat and vegetables.

Miras Tekirdag Seasoning Mix

Miras Tekirdaĝ köfte Harcı

Miras Inegol Seasoning Mix

Miras Inegol köfte Harcı

A rustic minced meat speciality, with fresh mint herbs. The recipe originates from the town of Inegöl in the province of Bursa. This town is located on the Uludağ mountain range, a protected nature reserve. Mix the seasoning and the minced meat and taste the fresh flavour. The easy-to-use sachet ensures you'll have a delicious dish on the table in no time at all.

Miras Adana Seasoning Mix

Miras Adana kebab harcı

An authentic specialty from the Adana region in Turkey. Here they love their spicy kebabs. At home you can easily make it yourself: mix the harmonious blend of spices with minced meat and savour this spicy dish. The easy-to-use sachet ensures you'll have a delicious dish on the table in no time at all.

Miras Steak Tartare Seasoning Mix

Miras Ciĝ köfte Harcı

A steak tartare specialty that originates from the province of Urfa, in the south east of Turkey. It consists of raw steak tartare mixed with fine bulgur and spicy seasoning. It is often served as a mezze in the late hours, but it can also be enjoyed as a main meal.

#Tip Quick dinner Köfte kebab with yoghurt

The original Yoghurtlu Köfte kebab is easy to make and incredibly delicious. From the Turkish region of Bursa. Surprising combination: yoghurt and tomato sauce!