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Bring the unique Eastern Mediterranean flavors to your table with Miras!

Did you know that Miras means "heritage"? Of course, there is a reason behind the brand name! Miras Food was created from passion for Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. A kitchen that is known for dining together with friends, family and neighbors. Eating together at a large table full of beautiful colored dishes, carefully selected local ingredients and dishes prepared with lots of love.

Anyone can join. It is exactly the hospitality that characterizes the Eastern Mediterranean culture. It is our mission to introduce everyone to this special region and to put the local products on the table in people's homes.

Although, the roots of the Miras brand lie in Turkey, the journey of all delicacies extends to all the surrounding countries of the East Mediterranean and continues to Cyprus and Greece and even further.

Basically, the different regions have almost identical dishes, but due to the use of different local herbs, vegetables and the different preparation methods, you experience a complete different taste experience. And did you know that these different dishes are often also very healthy? Discover it now!

Miras Food brings local products from the country of origin, of which the quality is guaranteed, to your table!


Origins: Turkey, land in the sun

Where does the Miras brand actually come from? In a small town, two brothers made a delicious helva. This sweet sesame nougat was their signature dish. But they did so much more for the locals. They used local olives, grains, fruits and vegetables to make tomato and paprika purees. They also dried herbs and spices, nuts and fruits. They baked fresh bread with wheat flour and their cattle supplied milk and meat.

The brothers married and had children, after which they both decided to open their own grocery store in one of the shopping streets. One of the older sons, Ibrahim, worked for his father for many years, purchasing goods from the local farmers. He also bought household and other products that were not available locally from large surrounding cities such as Diyarbakir, Mardin and Gaziantep, and he travelled to the modern Istanbul and Izmir. More and more customers came from far and wide, and the shop became a great success. The building where the shop was run still exists to this day.


Curiosity to discover the world

Son Ibrahim married a butcher's daughter and became a father. He was so curious to see the world that he decided to travel across Europe. Like many other migrants, he left his homeland with his family and built a new life.

His wife, who also loved Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, cooked for neighbours and friends. Although their house was small, the long table took pride of place in the living room. Just as their parents had taught them, there were always different bowls with the most delicious dishes. Yet, since they didn’t have access to the basic spices and ingredients that make these dishes so unique, they missed that authentic flavour. Ibrahim and his wife longed for specific nuts and delicacies from their region of origin. This nostalgic feeling pushed Ibrahim to pursue his dream.

In 1985, he founded a company in Europe, setting up a trade route with his father in Turkey. Ibrahim sought out all his contacts and suppliers in Turkey again, allowing him to also offer his local Eastern Mediterranean products in Europe!

His company became a great success. Migrants in Europe could now buy their familiar products and ingredients in their adopted home country. That saved them problematic excess kilos in their luggage when returning from their holidays.


The great success

Ibrahim’s children know the way to the Eastern Mediterranean region too. Since they often accompanied their father on his travels to his trusted local farmers and suppliers, they learned a lot about those wonderful products. They loved the flavours and tasted everything on offer, which instilled in them a passion for this cuisine and its ingredients from a young age. Ingredients are now also sourced from Anatolia, Syria, Iraq and part of the Balkans to create Anatolian and Turkish dishes. And now European cooking too is being explored.

Products and spices sold throughout Europe

The company has grown into an international business offering an extensive range of products. Despite its growth, the love of flavour was never lost. In 2000, the brand Miras was founded. It means “inheritance” and is therefore a wonderful tribute to this rich history.

Miras brings you over 100 years of knowledge, tradition and passion to cook up delicious Eastern Mediterranean meals at home.

With Miras you will unravel the secrets of everyday cooking

Discover the flavours that the Aslan brothers brought to Europe and incorporate them into your own cooking. With the right ingredients you can create your very own Eastern Mediterranean culinary feast.