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Tomato sauces and puree

In Eastern Mediterranean cooking, tomato and paprika purees are often used to bind sauces. And since nothing compares to home-made, Miras has included a delicious tomato puree in its product range, made from sun-ripened tomatoes. Once picked, they are laid out to dry in the sun. It is not until they have dried that they are mashed and preserved with salt. Since nature plays the leading role here, our tomato puree tastes home-made. There is only one thing left to do: try it for yourself!

Miras Tomato Puree

Miras Domates Salça

Mix tomatoes with salt and add a healthy portion of sunshine: that is how we make our tomato puree. Its taste? Homemade. And that is what makes this tomato puree a perfect binding agent for soups and sauces, but it can also be used as a seasoning for tomato dishes.

Mix basic ingredients to taste

Discover a range of fine dishes with a mix of traditional flavours. Add the most delicious Eastern Mediterranean herbs and spices, and combine various dishes to create surprising flavour combinations.