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Grandma used to make savory pastries and sweet pastries from Yufka. As a basis for this, she prepared a simple dough from a few ingredients and baked the dishes in a charcoal oven on a hot plate. This made the dishes crispy on the outside, while the filling remained soft and tasty!

Yufka is an unleavened flatbread from Turkish cuisine that is thinner than a tortilla, but heartier than phyllo dough. It has a firm bite, but is still very flaky. Yufka is said to be the original form of filo that originated in Anatolia. Today Yufka is most commonly associated with Turkish cuisine, as Yufka is an essential ingredient of this cuisine and indispensable for making flatbreads, pastries and börek dishes. In the Middle East and in Turkey, traditional 'yufkacı' still exist. These are special and traditional bakers of the Yufka. These bakers manually roll the dough so thin that you can read a newspaper through it. How? Flour, water and salt are combined to make a sticky dough that needs to rest for a few hours before it can be further processed. The dough is divided into small pieces and each piece of dough is rolled out with flour and the 'Oklava' wooden rolling pin. Several layers are placed on the rolling pin and rolled together under pressure until the dough is extremely thin. During baking, the bread is turned over once to brown the other side.

Miras has brought you a range of pre-packaged Yufka in different shapes and thicknesses, intended for various dishes and pastries. The packaging can be kept for months unopened. Our Yufka is made by a real yufkaci family in Turkey. Thanks to our many years of experience and the best baking techniques, we guarantee the very best quality!

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